Tuition Fees

Till when do you have to pay for your studies?

Students who are enrolled in a place not financed by the state must pay for the autumn semester of studies by September 30, and for the spring semester of studies must pay by February 30.

Can I pay for my studies in installments and by when? 

Yes, you can:

  • 50% of the tuition fee for the autumn semester must be paid by the students not funded by the state by 10 September, the remaining 50% – by 10 November;
  • 50% of the tuition fee for the spring semester must be paid by the students not funded by the state by 10 February the remaining 50% – by 10 April.

How do I pay for my studies?

Students can pay for their studies by connecting to the Student Self-Service Portal (, specifying the amount they want to pay in the “Fees” section, and they will automatically be directed to the UAB “Paysera” payment environment, where they can choose the desired bank institution, payment intermediary or using your existing bank card and connecting to your bank account, you will be able to pay the specified amount immediately. The fee offset will be visible immediately (when paying through a payment intermediary – up to 1 working day) after returning to the Student Portal (

When and how long does it take to return the study chart? 

Within 3 years from the date of dispatch of the Fund’s individual warning.

If I terminate my studies or am I excluded from higher education, what part of my annual tuition fee should I reimburse? 

Must reimburse 50 percent of the annual tuition fee for the current study year, not exceeding the standard tuition fee approved by the Minister of Education and Science, but not more than:

30 BSI sizes (1 BSI = 46 Eur) – for people who have studied undergraduate programs.

50 BSI sizes for people who have completed a Master’s Degree Program or a Non-Degree Educational Degree Program in Teacher Qualification.

70 BSI sizes for people who have completed doctoral programs (including postgraduate studies in arts) or non-degree related residency programs.

What is tuition reimbursement and how does it work?

The order of the list shall be based on the weighted average of the best graduates of the respective study field according to the study programs and the respective period of study, where the people having the best-weighted average are at the top of the list. The State Study Fund informs people who compensation of the price paid for studies has been allocated to by sending a notification to the individual’s e-mail address specified by the University.

What hat is preferred if several people are equivalent to receiving a tuition reimbursement? 

If at least two individuals have the same best-weighted average, the graduate of the relevant study period with a higher weighted average of speciality subjects shall be given priority in the ranking list;

  • If at least two individuals have the same weighted average of speciality subjects, the graduate of the relevant study period who has a higher academic (scientific or artistic) achievement in the non-publicly funded place shall be preferred;
  • If individuals with academic (scientific or artistic) achievements in the field of study are equivalent and have the same average of speciality subjects, then those who are more active in the activities of the University over the relevant period are given priority.

Where can I find all tuition fees?

Tuition prices change every year. University 2020/2021 annual first-cycle and full-time tuition fees:


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