How many credits does a student need to have during the semester?

During the semester, the student must choose to study subjects which have not less than 24 and not more than 36 credits.

How many credits does a student need to have in a year?

It is recommended to have 60 credits in one study year.

Can a student have more than the allowed study credits?

If a student is studying in minor or individual studies, the student may exceed the limit of 36 credits, but the volume of semester study subjects may not exceed 42 credits and a request must be made to the Dean’s office.

Can a student have less than the allowed study credits?

Students who have registered for less than the allowed number of credits (24 credits) or who have not registered for study subjects at all, will be removed from the student lists and their study contract will be terminated. A lower number of credits can be obtained only for objective reasons, after obtaining permission by decree of the Dean of the Faculty, the Chancellor of the Academy.

How much does the study credit cost?

The cost of credit is calculated depending on the cost of studies, so this question can be answered by the administration of the faculty where you are studying or the academy.


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