Minor Studies

Minor studies programs are organized under the Procedure for Organizing Minor Studies approved by the Rector.

When can a student choose minor studies?

The student chooses minor studies freely and can start from any semester, taking into account the possibility to complete them on time.

Where and when can students apply for the minor studies?

A student wishing to choose minor studies must apply to the Dean of the Faculty where the student is studying, to the Chancellor of the Academy. The application must be submitted no later than before the start of registration for the study subjects of the next semester.

Can a student choose any minor studies program, or just from their faculty or academy?

The student is free to choose minor studies from the list of minor study programs offered during the academic year.

Can a student choose more than one minor studies program?

Yes, it is possible, but only one of the chosen minor studies programs is free. The student will have to pay for the second one.

When and how can a student withdraw from their minor studies?

A student in minor studies may withdraw after the end of the first semester after taking minor studies. A student wishing to terminate minor studies submits a motivated request to the Dean of the student’s faculty, the Chancellor of the Academy. A student is expelled from part-time studies by the order of the Rector, on the recommendation of the Dean or the Chancellor.

Can a student withdraw from their minor studies while having debts?

It is possible to withdraw while having debts, but debts from minor studies subjects are not cancelled and must be corrected by re-studying the same subject or choosing any other subject from the list of university Artes Liberales study subjects and paying a fixed fee according to the Rector’s approved tuition fee and refund procedure.

What to do if a student withdraws from their minor studies, but wants to resume them?

A student who has withdrawn from their minor studies and wishes to resume them shall write a request to the Dean of the Faculty where the student is studying, to the Chancellor of the Academy and continue the student’s studies in the same minor studies program free of charge.

What to do for a student who has withdrawn from one minor studies program but wants to start another minor studies program?

A student who has withdrawn from their minor studies and wishes to study another minor studies program must pay for the credits of the newly selected minor studies program, which the student has already used in the withdrawn minor studies program.

How do the minor studies credits relate to the students main studying program credits?

Minor studies subjects are counted in the overall semester average.

Credits for the minor studies program are included in the total number of study credits. The volume of minor studies is 40 or 60 credits. University subjects of Artes Liberales may be included as undergraduate subjects in the main study program. A student who freely chooses to study minor studies uses the credits allocated for university artes liberales group B study subjects for these studies.

If designed in the study program, i. y. the study programs provide for and specify studies in a related field (including minor studies in pedagogy for the acquisition of a teacher’s qualification), 60 credits are allocated to them. If the study program does not provide for studies in a related field and students choose minor studies outside the study program, the volume of such studies shall not exceed 40 credits.

Will a student receive a second bachelor’s degree after completing minor studies?

No, upon completion of minor studies, a certificate of minor studies is issued.



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