Emotional Support

What emotional support is provided at the University?

Emotional support at the University is provided by:

  • VMU Clinic of Psychology provides the following free professional consultations:
  • Individual, intended for University students who are experiencing various psychological difficulties, are provided live or electronically. To receive these consultations, it is necessary to register in advance by email: psichologijos.klinika@vdu.lt.
  • Couples psychological counselling for couples whose at least one member is a University student. These consultations can only be requested if both members of the couple agree to consult. Consultations must be registered in advance. Registration for consultations takes place by email: psichologijos.klinika@vdu.lt
  • A group of personal growth for the development of the inner world. The theme, place and time of the group change each semester. You can find the place, time and topic here.

The Clinic of Psychology is located at VMU Faculty of Social Sciences, Jonavos str. 66, Kaunas, 326 and 327 auditoriums. Before arrival, we invite you to read the informed consent form, which provides information about the consultation process

  • Pastoral:
    • Academic pastoralism helps to take care of spiritual needs. Pastoral care offers a wide range of activities on offer: one can talk about God from a scientific, academic perspective, thus opening up new and deeper knowledge of Christ, cultivating Christian determination and responsibility, encouraging students to mature friendships, and accepting everyone as he is.

Academic pastoral care is located at the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy, V. Putvinskio str. 23-104, Kaunas. You can also follow the pastoral activities of Vytautas Magnus University in the virtual space. Information about their activities can be found on the Vytautas Magnus University Academic Pastoral Facebook account: Vytautas Magnus University Academic Pastoral Care, or contact sielovada.vdu@gmail.com, sielovada@vdu.lt

Who can apply for emotional help? How much does it cost?

All members of the University community (lecturers, administrative staff, and students) who are experiencing emotional times and cannot find answers to the questions may apply. Consultations and classes do not cost anything to the members of the University community. 


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