Academic Leave

How many times can a student go on academic leave?

Without losing the status of a student, a student can take academic leave (take a break from studies):

  • Undergraduate and full-time student – twice (one of them for personal reasons).
  • Postgraduate student – once.

How long is the academic leave?

Academic leave lasts for one year and its end, regardless of when it was granted, always coincides with the beginning of the autumn or spring semester. It is possible to terminate academic leave earlier, but the date of return to studies must be the beginning of the semester.

When can a student take academic leave?

The student can go on academic leave no earlier than after the end of the first semester and no later than two weeks before the beginning of the session.

Will a student on academic leave lose student status?

No, the student status is not lost on academic leave.

Can a student take academic leave if he/she has a debt?

Yes. During the academic leave, the student can repeat individual subjects from which he/she had debts, paying for the repetition. The possible number of debts: full-time students – 2 debts, part-time students – 3 debts.

Can a student settle academic debts received during academic leave?

Yes, during academic leave, a student can repeat individual subjects from which he or she had debts by paying for repetition according to the volume of subjects studied in credits.

Are scholarships paid out during academic holidays?

No. For students receiving scholarships and going on academic leave, the payment of the scholarship is suspended from the next month when the Dean of the Faculty, the Chancellor of the Academy, issues an ordinance on academic leave.

However, the student returning from academic leave may receive a scholarship if he or she meets the criteria for awarding scholarships in the current semester and without paying for the period for which the scholarship has already been paid before going on academic leave.

When and how to return from academic leave?

Before the beginning of the semester, the student must submit a request to the Dean of the Faculty, the Chancellor of the Academy, to return from academic leave.

What happens without returning from academic leave?

If the student does not return or does not return on time from academic leave, the student is removed from the student lists one month after the set return date. The student on academic leave may voluntarily terminate the studies only until the end of the term of academic leave.

When a student is removed from the student list?

The student is removed from the list of students and the study contract is terminated:

  • at the request of the student;
  • for academic failure, if they have received 3 or more academic debts, that means assessments of different subjects, the final grade of which is less than 5 (five) points;
  • by failing to pay for studies in time under the Description of the Procedure for Concluding Agreements, Payments and Fees for Studies Approved by the Rector;
  • not registered for the subjects of the semester or the required minimum thereof;
  • not returning from academic leave;
  • has not completed the study program in the final study semester;
  • not defending or defending the final thesis;
  • at the end of the contract;
  • for non-performance of the terms of the contract;
  • for violation of the University Statute, internal order.


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