Academic debt

When can a student get an academic debt?

Academic debt is received when the final grade of the subject is negative (4 or less) after retaking the exam (except for VMU Law Faculty students, they receive academic debt when no positive grade is obtained from the exam – 5.) Also for academic dishonesty any at the time of assessment, when the final grade of 0 (zero) is entered in the study results journal. In this case, the student or listener does not participate in other settlements of the study subject, the studies of the subject are suspended, and the academic debt is credited.

Where, how much and by when do the students need to pay for academic debt?

There is a charge for repeating the subject which the student has a debt in. The price is determined by the Dean’s office or the academic department. It depends on the number of credits, the student’s year of enrollment and the study program which the unaccounted subject belongs to. The student must pay before he starts learning the subject again.

In what case is a student removed from the list of students for academic failure?

The student is removed from the list of students:

  1. At the request of the student;
  2. For academic failure, if they have received 3 or more academic debts, that means assessments of different subjects, the final grade of which is less than 5 (five) points;
  3. Failure to pay for studies on time under the Description of the Procedure for Concluding Agreements, Payments and Fees for Studies Approved by the Rector;
  4. Not registered in the semester’s minimum number of credits for subjects or their required minimum number;
  5. Not returning from academic leave;
  6. Failure to complete the study program in the final semester;
  7. Not defending the final thesis;
  8. At the end of the contract;
  9. For non-performance of the terms of the contract;
  10. For violation of the University Statute, internal order;

Can a student offset the interim settlements of the subject from which the debt was obtained?

Yes. When repeating a study subject, the previously achieved study results can be credited to the student or listener. When repeating a study subject, the student or listener can choose whether to repeat the whole subject and pay the full tuition fee for the repeated subject, whether the previously achieved positive study results of intermediate assessments are credited and only those parts of the subject whose achievements have been assessed negatively are repeated. In this case, the student or listener pays only for the parts of the repeated study subject, except in cases when unfair student behaviour has been recorded. A student or listener wishing to credit positively assessed interim reports submits a request to the Dean of the Faculty, indicating to the Chancellor of the Academy which parts they wish to credit

Can a student correct their debts after taking academic leave?

Yes, during academic leave, a student can repeat individual subjects from which they had debts by paying for repetition according to the volume of subjects studied in credits.


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