VMU SR alumni presentation at the international event

On October 9th The festival “Icebreakers” organized by the Latvian Student Business Incubator will take place. Presentations will be given by representatives from all Baltic universities. Among them is Greta Šmaižytė, an alumni of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representatives (VMU SR).

Icebreakers is a traditional event for students who want to learn more about entrepreneurship and prepare for the job market. This year the festival is organized in a virtual space. Nevertheless, there will be discussions, creative workshops and even an online party.

Joana Gasiulytė, Coordinator of VMU SR Projects and International Relations Committee, is glad that the Student Representatives has become a partner of this project: “This is one of the first international events to which we contribute. We hope not only to gain useful experience ourselves, but also to attract as many students of our university as possible, who will have the opportunity to acquire a lot of new knowledge and skills completely free of charge.”

J. Gasiulytė states that this project is a great opportunity to present the ideas of her university and Artes liberales to the representatives of the Baltic countries: “Greta Šmaižytė, an alumni of our organization, will share how a diverse education develops a person’s personality and their language abilities, and how co-university subjects or related studies can be useful in the future.”

Icebreakers will take place on October 9th in a virtual space. Representatives from Vilnius and Kaunas Universities of Technology will also deliver presentations. More information can be found here.

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