The Student Parliament will meet in a remote sitting on Wednesday

On August 11 at 6:30 PM the Student Parliament of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) will convene for a remote meeting. Parliament’s sittings are open. You can join by clicking this link.

Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Registration of participants
  2. Confirmation of meeting agenda
  3. Approval of VMU SR Study programs‘ course academic group representatives regulations (M. Čepurna)
  4. Regarding the position of “Kaunas pride” (Ž. Menčenkovas)
  5. Regarding the establishment of the Student Aid Fund (Ž. Menčenkovas)
  6. Regarding the progress of the public canteen working group (E. Starodubov)
  7. Other questions
  8. Closure of the Student Parliament meeting

 Vytautas Magnus University Student Parliament is the highest governing body of the Student Representatives (SR). Its members adopt, supplement and amend the statutes, regulations and procedural rules of VMU SR. Also, members of the parliament elect and remove the President of VMU SR by secret ballot, consider and approve the activity and financial reports of VMU SR. Members of the Student Parliament are responsible for solving VMU students’ problems and answering questions.


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