The Chairman of VMU Student Parliament is elected

At the first meeting of the Student Parliament of Vytautas Magnus University, the representatives of the faculties elected the Chairman and Secretary of the Parliament, also the representatives of the VMU Senate and the member of the Audit Commission of the Vytautas Magnus University Students’ Representative Council. Furthermore, the university’s restructuring and strategy plans, further communication of the Student Parliament, and meetings schedule were discussed.

Three students ran for the post of Chairman of the Student Parliament: Emil Starodubov, Daniel Mačichin and Martynas Matusevičius. D. Mačichin received the most votes (30 votes). E. Starodubov – 10 votes, M. Matusevičius – 6 votes. The elected Chairman identified the students’ problems in the context of the pandemic, the quality of online studies, the importance of compromises and meaningful discussions in the work of the Parliament. Matas Čepurna was elected the Secretary of the Student Parliament by a joint resolution.

Two candidates were nominated to the VMU Senate: bachelor student Daraab Pathania and doctoral student Andrius Šmitas. A. Schmidt was elected with 28 votes (D. Pathania – 20 votes).

As Žygimantas Foktas, a member of the Audit Commission, held the position of the coordinator of the Human Resources Committee in the office of VMU Students’ Representative Council, a new member of the Commission was elected in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Vytautas Valaitis, a representative of the Faculty of Informatics, nominated himself. He received 36 votes in favor (10 against).

Student representatives discussed the university’s restructuring project. The members of the Parliament pointed out the lack of information for the student community about the causes and consequences of merging academic units. The representatives decided to create a working group to address these issues.

Paulius Vaitiekus, the President of VMU Students’ Representative Council, presented the university’s strategy plan. It was decided to create a working group to analyze the plan, priorities and make proposals for possible measures to implement the plan.

The question of effectiveness of used lecture organization tools at the university was also raised. It was decided to apply to the Institute of Innovative Studies for the use of other platforms for online learning.

Vytautas Magnus University Student Parliament is the highest governing body of the Student Representatives (SR). Its members adopt, supplement and amend the statutes, regulations and procedural rules of VMU SR. Also, members of the parliament elect and remove the President of VMU SR by secret ballot, consider and approve the activity and financial reports of VMU SR. Members of the Student Parliament are responsible for solving VMU students’ problems and answering questions.

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