Students elected their representative to VMU Council

In the electronic vote of the Student Parliament of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) held on December 7, it was decided to delegate Kęstutis Jasiulevičius to the VMU Council. 

While still a student, K. Jasiulevičius was actively involved in the activities of the VMU Student Council and the Lithuanian Students’ Union. He currently is leading the Passenger Services Department at LG Link. K. Jasiulevičius has accumulated many years of experience in the field of business, working with human resources, communication, project management.

K. Jasiulevičius will strive for positive changes for students in the University Council: “First of all, my goal is to represent the interests of students as much as possible, to promote cooperation between the VMU community, to encourage VMU to implement the necessary changes.”

“Since K. Jasiulevičius was an active member of the student movement, the students’ problems are certainly not foreign to him,” says Paulius Vaitiekus, President of VMU SA. “He also tends to communicate directly with both Student Parliaments and student representatives in other parts of the university, which allows for a variety of solutions to be pursued more effectively.” According to the current positions, President of VMU Student Council (SA) represents students in the University Council.

The VMU Council is a collegial governing body, which, after evaluating the proposals of the Senate, approves the vision and mission of the University, the strategic action plan submitted by the Rector, the procedure for organizing the Rector’s election by public tender, reorganization or liquidation plans of the University, determines the management of university funds (as well as funds for the salaries of managers and other employees) and assets, procedures for their use and disposal, also considers and approves the plans for the restructuring of the University submitted by the Rector, elects, appoints and dismisses the Rector, takes care of university support and performs other functions. The University Council consists of 11 members for 5 years.

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