Opportunity to retake the exam twice remains

Senato posėdis

A new edition of the Study Ordinance was approved by the Senate on June 26. The point on the number of exam retakes remained unchanged – students of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) will be able to retake their examinations twice (the second retake is paid).

When deciding to edit VMU Study Regime, the question arose whether students really needed a second exam retention. The University Administration said that students who would take the opportunity to retake the exam for the second time are not many and it is not fair for students who were ready to pay for the exam immediately or who had enough to pass the exam.

VMU Student Representatives (SR) on June 7 posted a survey: do you need a second exam retake? It was filled out by 838 students. 78.9% of the respondents said that a second retake was necessary. The vast majority of students indicated that they often could not take the exam due to justified reasons, leaving only retakes. In addition, the respondents said that the tight schedule, stress or other factors do not always allow for proper preparation for the exam, so the second retake is like a “fuse”.

“First of all, students’ opinions had to be represented in the Rector’s Office, where there was a lot of discussion, whether the second retake is really needed,” says Paulius Vaitiekus, president of VMU SR. – The results of the student survey were an important argument, so the Rector’s meeting approved the possibility of two re-examinations. The Senate also approved the Study Regulatory Option, which provided for a second retrospective. “

VMU Study Regulations states: “A student or listener who has not passed the examination or received a negative final evaluation of the study subject has the right to repeat the examination once free of charge. A student or listener who has not passed the exam or has received a negative final evaluation of the subject has the right to repeat the exam once free of charge and to retake the exam for a second time. ”

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