One candidate expressed his desire to become the president of VMU SRC

On March 10, the Student Parliament of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) will gather for the report-election conference of the VMU Students’ Representative Council (SRC), during which the presidential elections of VMU SRC will take place. The application for this position was submitted by one candidate – Ieva Vengrovskaja, Bachelor of Social Sciences.

Ieva is a sophomore in psychology. The candidate has been contributing to the activities of student self-government for the fourth year in a row: as an active member, she was the coordinator of the Social Affairs Committee for two years, 2022 was elected President of VMU Students’ Representative Council. “As a candidate for the second term, I feel firmly aware of the duties, rights and responsibilities of the president. I also understand the importance of the growth of VMU Student Council itself as an organization and its members, and of every student who enters, studies or graduates from VMU,” – Ieva states in the cover letter.

Based on the issues relevant to students, I. Vengrovskaja envisaged four areas of activity in her guidelines: improving the quality of studies and students’ social environment, cooperating with students’ representatives in VMU governing bodies, representing VMU students’ interests at the national level, strengthening VMU community and student self-government.

Ieva Vengrovskaja’s operational guidelines and motivational letter.

An interview with the candidate will take place in the near future, during which she will be able to tell in more detail about her ideas and goals.

The President of the Students’ Representatives Council of Vytautas Magnus University is the head of the organization, who is responsible for what is happening inside and outside the Representation. He represents all students of the University at the meetings of the University Rectorate, VMU Council with the right to vote, represents VMU students in the Lithuanian Students’ Union and performs other functions provided for in the Statutes of VMU SR.

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