Has student’s movement lost its meaning?

On 24 of August, delegates of  VMU Student’s Representatives Council attended at the 19th assembly “Together Forward” of  Lithuania Student‘s Union (LSU). Student’s Representatives from all of Lithuania discussed at the conference, taking place at Klaipėda‘s University, about the meaning of student’s movement, social dimension and student’s role in the context of higher education’s reform.

Vygaudas Ušackas, honour member of LSU, begun the first assembly’s day. The diplomat, seeing himself as a perpetual student, shared his memories from when during the ocupation year he picketed for the student’s right to not be called into army; organized public gatherings of thousands of students and even was brave enough to stand against the KGB so that the student’s voice would be heard. Vilius Sekevičius, ex president of KTU Student’s Representatives Union, also parted his experience. More than a decade ago, he gave the university into trial for illegal rector’s election.

Having raised a question why students do not go out into the streets and proclaim scandalous reports anymore, various discussions appeared: V. Sekevičius believes student’s problems aren’t as big as they used to be and all is conquered; LSU Alumni Mindaugas Reinikis highlighted the importance of knowing the difference between a student’s movement and representing students. According to him, it’s not always needed to picketate whilst raising flags; although, some more aggresion and  strictness from the student’s represetatives would be nice when issues are being solved.

Lithuania’s minister of education Jurgita Petrauskienė, Lithuania‘s President‘s advisor on questions about education Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė, a guest from Denmark‘s Student‘s Council Julian Lo Curlo, LSU’s president, the members, and alumni of the LSU also participated at various discussions.

“Every year Lithuania’s Students Union’s Assembly gathers up more than a hundred of student’s representatives who desire to spend their last summer weekend meaningfully, – VMU Student’s Representatives Union’s President Greta Šmaižytė shared her impressions. – The topics which were talked about are sensitive and of great importance for the student’s society so we’d be glad to have even more such weekends during the year!“

On the second assembly’s day, student’s representatives gathered up in Šventoji, divided into groups and acted out the events of 1991; back then LSU was established and the organization’s position whilst coping with the most important student’s issues was formed.

In the evening participants of the assembly went to the beach, celebrated the 19 birthday of LSU, and lighted up the symbolic bonfire. Student’s Representatives on Sunday illustrated the ideas set during the simulation to each others, shared their notices and promised to meet up next year on the LSU assembly’s anniversary.

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