Exam monitoring will take place during the session

After two years of quarantine and distance learning, we have returned to contact learning and live classes and settlements. In order to ensure academic integrity during the session, the VMU Student Representation organizes the observation of exams during the session and invites students to observe the assessments.

Gustė Žukauskaitė, the coordinator of academic affairs, reminds that everyone who enters a higher education institution and concludes a study contract signs that she will be academically honest and will adhere to the Code of Academic Ethics. Plagiarism, falsification of scientific data, biased evaluation of them, copying during reports – non-observance of academic integrity. By complying with it, we can ensure not only the observance of the procedures and rules established at the university and the quality of studies, but also the full assimilation of our knowledge as a student and the quality of the work performed. Academic dishonesty is subject to severe penalties: failure to evaluate a job, failure to meet a deadline, recording debt, or expulsion from university. All this is described in the Vytautas Magnus University Code of Academic Ethics, the Vytautas Magnus University Regulations for the Prevention of Plagiarism in Students’ Written Papers and other documents.

“Academic integrity and fairness during the session can be ensured by observing the exams,” says Gustė. The coordinator shares that this year the exams will be monitored not only by teachers but also by students. The student-monitor can assist the examiner in verifying the identity document of each student and, if necessary, distribute exam tasks to students.

Any student can contribute to the observation of the exams. You must complete this form to become student-monitor.

The form can be filled in until April 28. The information you provide will be used to contact you.
If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail akademai@vdusa.lt.

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