A course elder – what is it and why should you become one?

In the first month of the autumn semester, Vytautas Magnus University Student’s Representative Council (VMU SRC) and VMU Freshman Mentors organize the elections of the first-year Course elders of each study program. Also, senior students who don’t have an elder or want to change one can choose one. The election of Course elders is held until September 16.

Course elder – a study program course representative who represents the interests of his fellow students, informs them and performs the duties provided for in the VMU Study Program Course Elders’ Regulations. They are among the first to receive various information from lecturers and the administration of the faculty or academy and VDU SRC about the University, its changes, news, events, projects and other relevant information that they can share with the students of their study program. Course elders also have the opportunity to participate in various Seniors’ trainings organized by VMU SRC and thus gain new knowledge and experience that they can use to help their fellow students.

Monika Ražauskaitė, coordinator of  Student Representatives, works with the Elders andcoordinates their activities. When asked why it is worth becoming an elder, Monika says that elders are the first helpers for their course. They create a direct link between the faculty or academy administration, student representative council and their fellow students. Student representative – an elder can directly contribute to studies and improving their quality.

In order to properly represent the students, the first-year students of each study program democratically elect an elder for the entire study period.

How is the Course elder election?

In order to become an elder, the Candidate must, at his discretion, present himself to the students of his study program course before the election begins. When there are one or more candidates who have presented themselves, a vote is taken. It uses online tools that ensure fairness and reliability of results. After the elections, VMU Freshmen mentors must send the final voting protocol to the VMU SRC Representative Coordinator within three working days at the latest. The elected Elder must fill out the questionnaire sent by the VMU SRC, where the collected information will be placed on the VMU SRC page and available to all students.

A similar procedure applies to senior students. In this case, the elected elder notifies about the election to the VMU SRC Representative Coordinator by e-mail: atstovai@vdusa.lt.

Therefore, we encourage first-year or older students of all levels to choose an elder of their course, whose activities will ensure smooth studying and prompt resolution of problems that arise during studies.

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