The project week “schoolboy, become a student” has passed

From February 19 to 24, the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representation Council  (VMU SRC) project “schoolboy, become a student” took place. Students from all over Lithuania gathered in this project had the opportunity to become students for a week – to attend lectures, stay in dormitories and get to know university life. The students not only had the opportunity to try out the study programs offered by VMU, but also after the lectures, they were delighted with the evening activities of the Student Representative Office.

The students experienced a lot during the week. Prospective students searched for an answer to the question “Who am I?”, created their goals and figured out how to achieve them, as well as students tested their strength in “Mission (Im)possible” and got acquainted with the activities of VMU SA. Project participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with VMU administration and the university’s possibilities in the discussion “From school to university”. He also got acquainted with academic and social affairs and other things required at the university. During the project, students participated in the “Fair of VMU Organizations”, after which they could test their knowledge by competing in a brainstorming contest. At the closing of the project, we summarized the experience at the university and expressed our wishes to each other. On the last day of the project, all project participants and organizers participated in “Freedom shines in Kaunas”. Radarom” event.

Students rejoiced at the opportunity to get to know themselves, discover new acquaintances and test themselves after becoming a student. This week provided them with a lot of invaluable knowledge and gave them a better understanding of what to expect at the end of Year 12. Student Melita Vanagaitė revealed that she realized “that the chosen specialty is really for me and I think I will achieve my goals. Of course, living in a dormitory, even for a week, made me understand that it is not as bad as it is told.” She was seconded by Ieva Stankevičiūtė, who received answers to her questions during the project and realized that “high school is not such a terrible thing and the teachers are friendly and pleasant, and given the opportunity to see student life closer, it now makes it easier to set priorities and wishes”.

The project was useful not only for the students, but also for the mentors who guided the students throughout the week. “Although I have been a student for several years now, I have learned much more than I expected by being a mentor to the participants. I gained more courage, acquaintances and allowed myself to go back to the days when I was still a schoolgirl myself. It was easy to communicate, we found a common language with the students, after a short time, I am really happy to contribute to the implementation of this project”, said Monika Ražauskaitė.

This year, 60 schoolchildren from all over Lithuania participated in the project. As many as 28 mentors helped them integrate into university life.

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