The election of the President of VMU Students’ Representation Council begins

March 10 An election-reporting conference of the Student Representation of Vytautas Magnus University Students Reprsentatives Council(VMU SRC), during which the VMU Student Parliament will elect a new President of the SA.

Under the interim election procedure, candidates wishing to run for president must submit application, a cover letter and operational guidelines by 17 February. 5 p.m. VMU SA Board email

Solveiga Skaisgirytė, Chairwoman of the Board of VMU SR, states that the annual reporting-election conference is always a welcome time for an organization that evaluates the work done and plans for the future. Its focus is on the Presidential elections of VMU SA, in which the elected person becomes the face and leader of the organization. S. Skaisgirytė hopes to receive determined candidates this year, who have prepared plans for the activities and direction of the organization. The application procedure, according to the chair of the board, is standard: “you need to application, apply for a cover letter and prepare guidelines for action, which you will present to everyone at the conference.”

The President of the Student Representation of Vytautas Magnus University is the head of the Representation, who is responsible for what is happening inside and outside the Representation. He represents all students of the University at the meetings of the University Rectorate, VMU Council with the right to vote, represents VMU students in the Lithuanian Students’ Union and performs other functions provided for in the Statutes of VMU SR.

Application form for registration as a candidate in the presidential elections of Vytautas Magnus University Student Representation.



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