The election of the president of the VMU Student Representative Council is announced

March 10 the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representative Council (VMU SRC) election-reporting conference will be held, during which the VMU Student Parliament will elect a new SRC president.

According to the temporary procedure for organizing elections, those who want to run for the post of president must submit a completed application, motivation letter and operational guidelines by February 17. at 5 p.m. VDU SA Board e-mail by mail

It is an opportunity to try out the manager’s chair, to learn how to organize work, lead a team, achieve goals, think critically, and manage time. VMU SRC Board Chairwoman Solveiga Skaisgirytė says that the president of the VMU Student Representative Council is the face of all student representatives, performing many interesting, dynamic tasks and carrying considerable responsibility. It is a position that is not short of challenges, but also full of life lessons that develop personality and competencies. “VMU SRC is famous at the national level for its strong and proactive presidents who are active on the Lithuanian scale. During the short period of study, such an opportunity can only occur once, so don’t waste it, apply ambitiously and lead VMU SRC to an even better representation of students,” urges the chairperson.

The president of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representative Council is the head of the representative office who is responsible for what happens inside and outside the representative council. He represents all university students at the meetings of the University Rectorate, VMU Council with the right to vote, represents VMU students in the Lithuanian Student Union and performs other functions stipulated in the VMU SA Statutes.

Application form for registration as a candidate in the elections of the President of the VMU Student Representation.

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