Teaching and Study Assessment Survey: Why is it important?

At the end of each semester, students of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) have the opportunity to express their opinion on the quality of studies, the work of lecturers and their involvement. A survey was launched on the student portal studentas.vdu.lt, the aim of which was to find out students’ opinions, problems or suggestions related to teaching and studying. The survey is anonymous and can be completed by June 7th.

Participation in the survey is important because its results help to improve the quality of studies, promote awareness and sense of community among students and lecturers, and student suggestions can help lecturers prepare for the next semester. In addition, top-rated lecturers are rewarded, and unfavorable ratings guarantee solutions that will ensure that the causes of poor quality teaching are eliminated.

Gintarė Jurelytė, Coordinator of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representatives, states that it is very important to participate in the survey: According to G. Jurelytė, appropriate measures will be taken if the teaching is evaluated negatively: “There are students who believe that the results of the survey will not change anything, but from the autumn it is clearly regulated that in cases of unfavorable teaching improve the quality of teaching. If the teaching is assessed negatively for more than three consecutive semesters, an extraordinary teacher certification may be initiated.”

Alaina Štreimikytė, a first-year student at the VMU Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy, agrees that this survey is important because feedback gives lecturers the opportunity to improve: “Such surveys help lecturers understand their mistakes and allow them to learn from them, as well as”.

Students are invited to actively participate in the survey and express their opinion on the Student Portal by June 7th.

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