Next week marks the start for inspections of all VMU dormitory rooms

On February 24th, 25th and 26th, Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) dormitory administration together with VMU Student Representative members will inspect the rooms of all residents of the university dormitories.

February 24th

11 am:

  • Dorm no. 2 (Vytauto Ave. 71, Kaunas)

2:30 pm:

  • Dorm no. 5 (Universiteto St. 8., Akademija)

3 pm:

  • Dorm no. 7 (Universiteto St. 6, Akademija)

February 25th

3 pm:

  • Dorm no. 4 (Studentu St. 1, Akademija)
  • Dorm no. 8 (Studentu St. 5, Akademija)
  • Dorm no. 10 (Studentu St. 7, Akademija)

February 26th

1 pm:

  • Dorm no. 1 (Taikos Ave 119, Kaunas)

Information on dormitories in Vilnius will be provided later.

Please be advised that failure to comply with the terms of the Accommodation Agreement or violation of the University’s dormitory internal regulations shall result in the payment of the following fees through disciplinary measures:

  • 10€ if a note is issued
  • 15€ if the alert is issued
  • 20€ if a severe warning is given
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