Free LSP for VMU first-years’

Lithuanian student card (LSP) is the only official document in Lithuania that proves the status of a student. The price of the card varies from 6 to 20 euros, depending on the degree. However, this year, at the initiative of Vytautas Magnus University Student Representatives (VMU SR), all 2020 freshman, who have signed their study agreement with VMU, will receive the LSP free of charge (by filling out the registration form available at by 31st of October this year).

“Students who start their studies incur a lot of financial costs, therefore we are glad that after various discussions, the university accepted our proposal to finance the purchase of LSP for freshmen,” says Paulius Vaitiekus, President of VMU SR. According to him, the use of LSP is very wide, not only in the university premises, but also to obtain various discounts and benefits, so the opportunity to save without paying for a certificate will provide real benefits to students.

LSP is required for the entrance examination and examination of study subjects and for the control of entrance to the dormitory, using the services of the University Library, to travel 50% cheaper by intercity public transport and up to 80% cheaper by city public transport, to participate in the discount program. , entertainment and various services throughout Lithuania (a list of discounts can be found on the website

LSP is produced within 1-2 weeks after placing the order and confirming the suitability of the photo for LSP production. If the production of LSP took longer than 14 days, you should contact

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